Telecor VS-600


The VS-600 care Staff call Resident Station provides a unified communications solution that interfaces with a PBX, to provide the features and functions of staff call, security, wireless and telephone services in one comprehensive package.

The VS-600 station enhances state of the art IP and traditional telephone systems with a wide variety of call points to provide effective communications and prompt staff response in health care facilities, assisted living facilities, and independent living communities. All of a facility’s administrative, external and internal communication needs are encompassed in one application.

With the VS-600, half-duplex audio quality communication is supported. In addition, direct connectivity to the PBX supports in-building wireless phones, pocket pagers, PSTN phones, cellular phones, and PDA’s. Calls routed to these devices have roll-over capability and built-in call escalation to ensure no call goes unanswered.

Advanced Features

The Resident Station offers sophisticated staff call features that include a built-speaker/microphone, call button, cancel button, 1/4″ jack for call cord input, four LEDs to indicate the unit’s status, and even a dry contact relay for wiring a secondary alarm input such as a smoke detector. To save staff valuable time from having to answer resident inquiries, the unit also features buttons that play pre-recorded messages of the day’s menu and activities.

For absolute security, Resident Stations are fully self-monitored with fault and line detection as well as low battery notification.

How it works

A Resident places a call on a resident Station or peripheral staff call device. The call is routed to a PBX extension or group of extensions. The designated staff telephone receives the call and its LCD screen displays, in sequence or simultaneously, the room number and the type of call-in-device. In addition, depending on the functionality of the PBX, the system can be programmed to enhance notification through several audio and visual displays to alert staff of the call.


The traditional Call Cord plugs into the Resident Station, providing the convenience of being able to initiate a call remotely from a bedside.


The Wired Pull Cord Station provides call capabilities from resident bathrooms and showers to instantly alert staff of critical situations.


A Wireless Pull Cord Station offers residents the flexibility of being able to reposition it anywhere in the room based on the arrangement of furniture.


A Wireless pendant provides enhanced security. It is worn by residents to allow them to move freely about the room and place calls without being near a Resident Station.


A Dome light provides visual signals to nearby staff of calls originating from rooms. It’s multicolored lamps and lighting patterns help to identify the call-in device, which has a designated priority level.

The VS-600 Advantage

Increased Resident Security- A variety of wired and wireless staff call devices ensure a resident can initiate a call from anywhere in the room or wherever additional call points are deployed.

Reliability- The batteries in the Wireless Pendants and Pull Cord Stations, and the Resident Station, are all monitored for low power. In addition, The Wireless Pull Cord Station sends a ‘handshake’ signal to the Resident Station once a day to confirm that it is operational. If any failure is detected in the operation of the batteries, or the Wireless Pull Cord Station, a notification is sent to the designated telephone extensions.

Redundancy- PBX’s reliability coupled with Resident’s Station supervision and internal event memory, provides a multi layered fail safe mechanism.

Enhanced Communications- Various wireless products can be integrated with the PBX to enhance communications between mobile staff members and residents.

Increased Revenue-Integration with the PBX enables management of local and long distance telephone service, resulting in a monthly revenue stream for the facility.

Cost Savings- Residents realize cost savings as individual phone lines no longer need to be maintained.

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