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Bartlett Communication Solutions provides ADSL service ranging in speeds from 640 Kbps to 25 Mbps downstream (to the customer’s premises) and up to 7 Mbps upstream (from the customer’s premises)



When your business relies on data, or the Internet, to deliver intensive applications, Ethernet provides the simplest and most cost effective way for your information to flow seamlessly throughout the network.



T1′s provide 1.5 Mbps of dedicated symmetrical bandwidth upstream and downstream. All of our T1 connections are dedicated, business-class circuits, eliminating the performance degradation that comes from sharing. Uptime is guaranteed 99.999%.

T1 is Ideal for businesses that:

  •  Require substantial upstream speeds or fully symmetrical access
  • Are interested in virtual private networking or telecommuting
  • Demand service guarantees for their Internet connectivity
  • Are outside the reach of ADSL Coverage Area
  • Need to host Internet servers

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