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Avaya Video Conferencing Solutions enhance the many working relationships within your business including, stakeholders, work teams, customers and partners. With video conferencing easily achieve fast resolution of issues and collaborative team outputs, enabling high productivity gains and customer satisfaction in the enterprise.

Video communications opens up the long distance barriers within the rapidly growing business community, using unrivaled communications for virtual workgroups. Key advantages of video conferencing are reduced travel costs and of course time, while also providing a greener footprint.

According to a recent survey, 23% of respondents found video conferencing valuable as it increases the effectiveness of meetings. This accentuates Avaya’s video as the next frontier in communications and a viable replacement for in-person meeting’s, between employees, clients and customers.

Why Avaya?

Video is a powerful component of Avaya Aura platform. Avaya video solutions are built with an open standard based SIP, providing multi-vendor interoperability between virtual workgroups, within and even outside the enterprise. Fully compatible with Avaya Aura Session Manager, Avaya video solutions integrate with your existing architecture while also provisioning more sophisticated deployments. Video can leverage your SIP trunking consolidation, offering connectivity to remote and mobile workers through a Session Border Controller, and even connect you with business partners in other companies.

High-definition, cost friendly video, can be redistributed simply and managed with low bandwidth requirements, helping decrease the need for network upgrades. Avaya Video Communications Solutions, consist of a suite of multimedia experiences and collaborative tools accessible to a wide variety of users types across the enterprise: ranging from more traditional large scale room systems through to individual and personalized end-points.

  • Avaya 1010 and 1020 desktop video systems that provide large screen, HD clarity and office privacy.
  • Avaya 1030, 1040 and 1050 systems are designed for the conference or classroom. They utilize dual screens so documents and video and content  can be seen at the same time.
  • Avaya one-X Communicator provides a software based interface for “Click to call/ Click to Video”  that works alone or integrated with Microsoft and IBM software.
  • Avaya one-X Agent brings the video experience to call center agents.
  • Avaya Desktop Video Device brings video and all communications together in a rich, unique end user experience.


  • Flexible, open, SIP based solutions

Avaya delivers open SIP standard-based, multi-vendor, and evolutionary solutions that interoperate with your existing video systems and provide powerful unified integration with other Avaya applications.

  • Fully unified voice and video network makes using video easy

The Avaya integrated communications platform supports voice and video, enabling simplified deployment, management and monitoring across the enterprise. Providing a standardized dial plan, along with common directories and seamless registration and authentication capabilities. Users simply dial an extension using a soft phone, and the network automatically registers the  video endpoints to launch a audio video call. No need to remember IP addresses, or use multiple devices, whether the video in an internal strategy call or external customer call.

  • Provide cost effective and highly sophisticated video at the desktop

With video desktop and the remote accessibility through the use of soft-clients and video conferencing units, simple and productive visual collaboration is now available to knowledge workers across the enterprise.

  • Video for everyone

Leading interactive collaboration across the enterprise to drive highly productive virtual workgroups is fundamental for Avaya.Intuitive telephony features, interoperability, and connectivity are keys to the successful extension of video from the core of your communication infrastructure.

  • Contact Center applications

By adding video to existing contact center voice, IVR, email, and text communication, Avaya Video Communications Solution, help businesses collaborate directly with their clients using interactive and visual communications.


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